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 Shinsei [Done]

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PostSubject: Shinsei [Done]   Shinsei [Done] Icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2013 10:01 pm

Shinsei [Done] Ii8h

The Basics!
Name: Shinsei
Birthday: November 25
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Element: Fire

Height: 6'0"
Weight: 150lbs
Hair Color: White
Hair Length: Medium Length
Eye Color: Blue
Skin Color: White
Body Type: Athletic

About You!
Personality: Shinsei is a silent type who always keeps to his own when not spoken to. He tends to deviate from crowds simply because he feels uncomfortable mingling with people who he doesn't know. Apart from that, once he gets to know a person, he exhibits loyalty to a fault. He treasures any friend that is willing to take their time knowing him. Another trait he posesses is his inability to tell lies. Usually, this is what causes people to deviate from him. When he doesn't like something, he tells it to you straight out without any sugar coating. He believes that a person deserves to know the truth, so that the person would not be disillusioned. With that said, he tends to have few friends, and fewer close friends.

  • Fire: Growing up as a child of a Fire Nation Commander, Shinsei loved Fire bending and as a result, fire in general. The feeling of the warmth of fire gives him a sense of peace and tranquility.
  • Fighting: Shinsei loves fighting and proving himself to be the best. Even though he is a silent person, he is known to be very brutal in comabt if need be. This particular love for fighting was also spurned on by his father, who was a commander of a fleet in the Fire Nation Navy.
  • Power: Shinsei likes to have power. It was ingrained to him that power was the only key to being successful in life and he had absorbed it dearly.


  • Water: The histor between the Fire Nation and the Water Nation spurned this on when he learned history. He could never forgive what had happened in the past. As well, water was the weakness of Fire and therefore the hate is reinforced.
  • Weak: Shinsei hates the weak. He believes that the weak should be subservant to the strong. To Shinsei, strength is true power.
  • Squirells: For some reason, Shinsei hates squirells. It was innate from the time of his first encouter of the little critter.

Shinsei was born in the Fire Nation capital to a Commander of the Fire Nation Navy. With his father's position, Shinsei grew up to be as ruthless as his father was. His father taught him warfare starting when he was ten years old and tactics as well. Due to his father's position, the man was never really present in the life of Shinsei after twelve years old.

Shinsei learned the fundamentals of bending at the age of eleven. He had an aptitude for it, but he was never able to continue due to his father's death. A skirmish with some pirate had happened during one of his father's tours and one of the casualties was his father. Shinsei later found out that the pirates were rogue water benders, therefore solidifying his hate for that particular nation. Shinsei never forgave the water benders and soon realized, from his history books, that the water benders were really nuisance to the Fire Nation.

After his father's death, his mother and him were forced out fo the capital due to their inability to pay for their upkeep. Shinsei and his mother moved to his grandfather's old home and there, Shinsei started to learn fire bending, to no avail. He tried to bend it everyday, but was only able to produce smoke. Of course, lacking the knowledge to Fire bend, it wasn't expected of him to be able to do it. Years went on and on and yet he still tried. Finally, coming upon a fire bending scroll that he had borrowed from the library nearby, he started to understand its processes.

Now, at the age of eighteen, Shinsei has finally grasped the fundamentals, as well being able to bend fire. Although passable, he knew he had a long way to go to become one of the best.

RP Sample:
Gaius hopped off the wagon before stretching out. The owner of the wagon had seen him and Gaius almost leapt out of the said cart and run off, only to be stopped when the old man smiled and allowed him to hitchhike. This made Gaius very happy and thank the man all the way to Clover Town. The man in question, who was a travelling farmer, had to go to Hosenka so he gave Gaius a free ride. Not really free since in exchange, the man had wanted Gaius to tell him stories of his adventures as a mage. Gaius, of course, was ecstatic and started to recount his mission requests. The man had listened and commented on some situations that Gaius should have done something very different. Gaius only nodded, acknowledging the man. The old man had sense, and Gaius knew it.

After arriving at Clover Town, he had said goodbye to the old man and hopped off. So now, here he was, outside Clover Town and ready to start his mission.

Faceclaim: DMC - Dante
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PostSubject: Re: Shinsei [Done]   Shinsei [Done] Icon_minitimeMon Nov 11, 2013 11:47 pm

This is approved for use.
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Shinsei [Done]
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