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The Basics!
Name: Kurokawa, Kyohei
Birthday: December 26
Age: 18
Gender: Male
Element: Fire

Height: 5’10
Weight: 59 kg
Hair Color: Russet, red-brown.
Hair Length: Short~Medium one length, with bangs falling in front of his face.
Eye Color: Red-gold.
Skin Color: Pale, somewhat creamy white.
Body Type: Thin, with rather bony proportions bordering – but not quite – unattractive, with thin wiry muscles from constantly putting himself under physical workout.

About You!

Carefree, an individual whose unspoken life motto is likely something along the lines of “I don’t give any fucks.” Determined to look at everything in the present and pay no mind to the past or the future, he has a tendency to lead headfirst into things, even if the resulting consequence is a severe concussion and several broken bones. Kyohei is not necessarily headstrong, but doesn’t spend the few extra moments one would normally use to consider the possible outcomes of a certain course of action, and this is one of the primary things that gets him in trouble. Socially, he is a rather volatile individual, swinging between outgoing friendliness (particularly to those who catch his eye) and a cocky, sarcastic loudmouth who can’t seem to censor himself enough to avoid getting punched. When in a good mood and feeling friendly, he can come off as charismatic and charming – though often times too forward with his flirting, which can also result in a punch or two.

Having chosen long ago that he doesn’t particularly care about what happens to him and to the world around him, he has been looked down by his family, his peers, and generally anyone he’s encountered because of this worldview. At first, this was something he didn’t pay much mind to, but once the loneliness and isolation got to him, he began to hide the way he thought, only subtly displaying parts of his thoughts through the way he reacted to certain things, such as intimate, personal relationships. Fine with the one-night stands, the never ending flirting sessions, and the occasional friend or two that can tolerate his presence, it is only when people get too close to him emotionally that he begins rejecting them, often bringing out harsh comments and actions in order to push them away.


Kyohei’s tangible likes are numerous, a never ending list of things that he likes to indulge himself in. First and foremost would be soccer, the one sport that he can play until he drops. While not super athletic, he has an undying love for the art of kicking a ball across a field and into a goal, the thrill of weaving in and out of reach when targeted by members of the opposing team, and casting aside all tension among friends when playing. In addition to soccer, various types of foods can also substantially lift his mood, from street stall foods to fancy, fit-for-the-emperor foods. For such a slim individual, it is quite surprising the amount of food he can inhale in a single meal. Other likes include comfortable, loose-fitting clothing, alcohol, small mammals (ie. dogs), sitting in high –though solid, it has to be comfortably stable – places, and, strangely, swimming.

People-wise, he finds himself naturally gravitated towards those of a colder personality, finding it amusing to push their buttons and see how long it would take for the cold to … well, heat up. People who can accept him without asking questions or requiring a deeper relationship are the kinds of people he prefers to hang around.

And of course, firebending. Even if he ignores all other expectations placed on him, it is firebending that he doesn’t slack off on, practicing diligently whenever he has time (and isn’t playing soccer). The warm red-orange glow of a single flame in his hands is calming to him, and a source of comfort when nothing else is going right.


Naturally, anything opposing his carefree view of life is considered a dislike. And a primary dislike would be responsibilities placed on him without his consent, burdens of which he would ultimately cast aside, even at the cost of feeling guilty for the next few years. Kyohei dislikes having to fulfill expectations, despising those who start off a sentence with “You should …” or “You have to …”. Deciding that he has no obligations to anyone unless it is of his own free will, he hates being told what to do, especially when pestered after his initial refusal. On a lighter note, minor dislikes include raw seafood, intense cold, and spiders. He hates spiders. An irrational fear that developed at a young age, he can no longer remember his original reason for disliking the eight-legged predators, but still he cannot stand being near one.


For Kyohei, everything began on a snowy winter night in December, a day after the holiday that many celebrated – Christmas. It was the single wailing sound of a newborn child that drew multiple relieved sighs from the many household members of the Kurosawa family, with even the lowliest servant craning their necks to hear the result that they had been waiting for since the day the Master of the household had announced that they were to expect a new addition to the family. It had not been an easy pregnancy, with Kyohei’s mother – as opposed to eating more when supporting a new life – began consuming less and less as the pregnancy went further along, doctors and family members alike desperately trying to convince her to take in some nourishment for the sake of both herself and the baby. But their efforts eventually pulled through, and on that cold evening, Kurosawa Kyohei was born, a tiny squalling form with a thin tuft of red hair and eyes shut so tight that several little wrinkles creased his forehead. And thus, a peaceful – or as peaceful as things could get with a new infant child – five years occurred, the baby Kyohei receiving all the love he needed and more. The Kurosawa family was as well off as the next successful business-oriented family, with an influential hand in the increasingly active market, dabbling in various different goods and services.

Fast forward five years, where the young toddler – now with messy layers of red-brown hair and bright, golden-red eyes – is being dressed up in a fashionable white suit, a little complimenting bowtie fitting snugly on his neck on top of the collar of his shirt. The entire household was bustling about; doing last minute preparations for the party that was to come, where the house would be filled to the brim with important business members and authoritative figures. His hair was already rebelliously detaching itself from whatever sticky substance his caretaker had rubbed into his hair in hopes that it would stay slick and plastered neatly against his head, random strands pointing in opposite directions. That day would be a big development for the family, Kyohei’s father was to meet up with other business owners and government officials to discuss matters of expansion into other nations for mass trade, and everything had to go perfectly. Nothing was to be neglected or even slightly out of place, not a single petal out of place, the food fit for kings, and the family members neat and presentable. And everything was perfect – at least for the first few hours, as the gathering progressed and people began filling every available breathing space in the room.

Then the smoke was spotted, a dark trail that suddenly seemed to swallow up what little air was left in the large expanse of the gathering hall, quickly swallowing up the natural light and robbing the sight of the hundreds of visitors within the house. Panic ensued, benders and nonbenders alike shouting in confusion, the brave demanding for doors and windows to be opened, the cowardly screaming in terror and fighting for the escape … even though there never was much of a fire to begin with – it was all a ruse, a simple smoke trick to create chaos. And in the chaos, no one noticed that the little boy who had been sitting obediently in a chair as he was told was being picked up and carried off, out and away from the protection of his own home.

The kidnapping wasn’t a simple case of receiving ransom. It was a first step in planting a dark seed, taking place in the dark underground world of the Fire Nation. It was a pale imitation of what had only recently occurred with the ultimately disastrous Academy several years back – a recreation by those who sought to overturn the economy and bring about drastic change.

For seven years Kyohei was placed with several other young children – some orphans, some kidnapped like he was – and raise in something equivalent to an institution, where everything was systematic, from bedtimes to mealtimes, to training sessions. Of course, it was a small institution, totaling about twenty children. Sharing a room with another orphan boy, Kyohei – seeing as he was still young and able to adapt to his new situation – quickly learned how to survive, only sidestepping rules when he knew the consequences wouldn’t be as severe. By age 8, his firebending ability was awakened, and he was set to train by those who ran this illegal institution, learning the basics of firebending at a rapid pace.

And then the day came, at age twelve, when his kidnappers declared an impromptu – though whether it was preplanned or not was (and is) debatable – revised version of the Agni Kai, pitting the children against their roommates in a deadly battle. And Kyohei, hearing that they were to be released from the totalitarian institute if they won, abandoned the friendship that he held with his roommate in that single moment, lashing out and dealing the final blow that would maim his best friend for many years to come.

But it wasn’t over with just that. The kidnappers finally declared a ransom to his family – who, over the past seven years, had begun to suffer a greatly negative drop in business – exchanging him for thousands of dollars. Kyohei’s parents, although knowing that their financial situation was dangling dangerously at the edge, paid up the amount, desperate to see their songs again. Only … the son that they had last seen and the son that stood before them were two different people. Gone was the lively yet obedient child, instead replaced by a falsely charismatic stranger who seemed to feel no warmth towards his birth parents, whose eyes still twinkled, but with a darkness that wasn’t there before.

For the next six years, Kyohei lived with his family once more, but the damage was done. Any hope that his parents had in training him to be their successor was gone, lost on this carefree soul who seemed to care about nothing but his own immediate situation. And although towards the recent years their business has begun flourishing again, Kyohei still has little to no involvement with family matters, spending his days wandering the land and coming home whenever he feels like it.

RP Sample:


It stung, a burst of pain that travelled through his sensory system and alerting his central nervous system of the blow that had been delivered across his face. But still, the smile never wavered, even if the punch was strong enough to throw his face to one side, until he was staring down the dark alleyway instead of into the eyes of his aggressor.

“What, taking out your anger because you can’t keep a girl by your side?” An insolent chortle escaped him as he turned his head back, red-gold eyes twinkling with a dark mischief that stood out in contrast to the rapidly reddening spot on his cheek. He knew he was asking for it, literally begging for more violence to be inflicted upon him, but it was alright, everything was alright. The buzz of alcohol in his system didn’t do much in numbing the pain, but it was definitely doing an excellent job in clouding over his already cloudy sense of judgment.

It had started like it almost always did, in a sports bar, where the newest bending tournament was being broadcasted via radio. Kyohei, spotting a girl he deemed ‘his type’, had immediately sauntered over with no reserve, purchasing two drinks and starting off with a rather suggestive comment. It lasted an hour or two, to the point where he wasn’t quite aware of his surroundings anymore, let alone be alert enough to realize that the girl’s boyfriend had shown up, dragging him by the collar out into the streets.


Fuck, this one hurt like hell. Tongue flashing out to touch at the top corner of his lip, he grimaced as he tasted blood. Words were said to him, but nothing really registered, and in the corner of his gaze, the fist swung by again. Sighing, Kyohei reached up suddenly, instinctively … catching the fist in the palm of his hand (much to his surprise, he hadn’t quite realized that he was sober enough to be that coordinated at this point). “Sorry, I forgot I was visiting home today. I can’t let my dear mother see her son’s pretty face ruined, now can I?” As he spoke, he let his palm heat up, until both his hand and the other man’s fist were engulfed in flames. Luckily, the flames were mostly harmless, a brightly colored show that did nothing but maybe cause a bit of uncomfortable warmth. Still, the moment he let go of the other’s hand, everything ended, and Kyohei found himself alone, leaning heavily with his back against the side of the building. He wasn’t that injured – a couple punches wasn’t enough to subdue him – but now that pleasant buzz was beginning to fade into something that resembled more of a throbbing headache than anything.

“I really need to find something else to do in my spare time …”

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