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 Starter Guide

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PostSubject: Starter Guide   Sat Sep 28, 2013 6:36 pm

Character Application Process

You start the process of character creation using the template provided in the Character Guidelines. This guide will give you most of the basic information you need for filling out the template and starting the character application process. While you have the option of choosing not to become a bender; a larger majority are likely going to go down that path. Because of this, we have a short guide on the different bending paths you may take, as well as what advanced/secondary bending arts are allowed for each path. Please keep in mind, you may take ONLY ONE basic bending art; we are not allowing Avatar-like characters at this time, nor for the foreseeable future. Make sure that the skills and abilities you want are allowed by your element, once you choose, the character cannot change elements. The guide for the elements can be found at the Bending Arts guide.

You get to choose one element to start with (if you would like, you can choose not to be a bender). This element will be your main element while you're role-playing on this site. What element you choose will be a major factor in what you can and cannot do, as well as a limiting factor on what items you are able to use. ***Just because you pick one element does not mean you are forced to be from that respective nation/tribe. You can be a waterbender from the Air Nomad City, or a firebender from the Southern Water Tribe. Anything is allowed, currently.***

You will also be given, upon character approval, a freebie item to start with. This will not be anything large, and will in fact be used to help with bending abilities (Example: Airbenders would start with a Glider Staff, Waterbenders would start with a small pouch to carry water around with them, ect). The freebie item for benders is set, non-benders will be presented with a small list of items they may choose from, or the option to create their own.

As for the promised items: these can be found in the Generic Items listing of the Item Mall. The Glider Staff is for Airbenders, Waterskin for Waterbenders, Weights for Earthbenders, and Firebenders may choose EITHER the Dao swords or the Tanto blade. The ability to purchase these items at a later time is available, if you chose to create a custom item for yourself. A listing of items for non-benders to choose from is currently being created.


While we do not have any sort of "ability list" here on Bend This! we do have items which can be bought and purchased. The reasoning behind not having set, or locked, abilities is to encourage the freedom and skill needed to properly enjoy the Avatar-based worlds; most of the bending arts require split second adaptability that forcing set abilities would make impossible. However, there is still a set guideline by which your skills must follow; these are not so much the classic stat system as is a reference table to make sure that no one is claiming unfair advantages just because everyone is on different pages over what is and isn't allowed. This reference table will list everything from basic speed and strength comparisons to the amount of each element that can be utilized at what ranks. 

Secondary Skills

Because training in the classical sense is not required here; we've come up with a different system for unlocking secondary skills/elements. Certain skills are as easy as meeting a master and being 'taught'; others require that you go on a journey once you've reached sufficient rank. Others are naturally unlocked after a sufficient amount of time. Finally, some you may be allowed to start with, under certain conditions. The full guidelines to unlocking the secondary skills can be found here.


Ranks are not so much a declaration of power in as much as a declaration of skill. Your power and influence will not instantly rise with your ranking; merely the amount of your chosen element that you are able to bend, or the unlocking of your secondary bending skill. Otherwise, they are just titles and nothing more. The only exceptions to this rule will be with dedicated teachers; those player characters and NPCs that dedicate themselves to teaching their arts to anyone that they so chose. Certain secondary bending styles will ONLY be available through teacher characters once you've reached a certain rank; this is the only time that ranking will have any significant meaning.

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Starter Guide
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