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 Escaped Convicts

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Hidoi Harikēn

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PostSubject: Escaped Convicts   Thu Oct 10, 2013 3:28 pm

Name: Escaped Convicts
Location: Anywhere
Description: A pair of dangerous criminals have escaped custody and are now on the run as fugitives. Use any means at your disposal to capture them and return them to the custody of the authorities.

Jang and his partner Lee are a duo that use their bending skills in combination. Jang is an Earthbender and Lee is a Firebender. Jang could be considered a Master, but he has bad eyesight, and has to rely on tracking his opponent through the vibrations on the ground, and for Lee to keep him covered. Lee is an adept Firebender, but is cocky, over-confident, talks too much, and still has much to learn.

The authorities want the fugitives returned alive. Killing them forfeits any payment.
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Escaped Convicts
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