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 Hidoi Harikēn

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Hidoi Harikēn
Hidoi Harikēn

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PostSubject: Hidoi Harikēn   Hidoi Harikēn Icon_minitimeSun Sep 29, 2013 4:09 pm

Hidoi Harikēn S2h468

The Basics!
Name: Hidoi Harikēn (ひどい ハリケーン Terrible Hurricane)
Birthday: 10-24
Age: 14
Gender: Male
Element: Air

Height: 4'
Weight: 90 lbs
Hair Color: Black
Hair Length: Moderate, shaggy
Eye Color: Red
Skin Color: Pale
Body Type: Thin

About You!
Personality: Hidoi has a pretty laid back personality, but he gets irritated quite easily. He has a bad temper as well, and has been known to quickly and easily fly into a rage. Hidoi has a lazy, unmotivated side too, but can quickly become calculated and focused on something, provided it attracts his attention. Hidoi is very brave to be only 14 years old, often doing things full grown adults would call crazy. When Hidoi has been wronged, he is prepared to go through great lengths until the situation, whatever it may be, is resolved. He is quiet and untrusting toward people he does not know, but is not above helping or saving a total stranger from a dangerous situation.

Likes:  Hidoi liked eating. It doesn't matter what kind of food it is, if it's edible, Hidoi will eat it. Hidoi loved to fight, having taught himself from the time he could walk his own Aerokinetic fighting style he dubbed "Air-Fu." He had no problem beating up people he thought deserved it, be it kids his age and even full grown adults, but for the most part he liked peaceful situations. With no drama or trouble, this gave him all the time in the world to eat and lounge. He liked hot weather, beaches, and girls in bikinis. Living in a city that constantly moves, he liked to travel, and see the different places and people.

Dislikes: Hidoi disliked bullies, bossy females, and people who talked too loud. He didn't like people who were full of themselves. He had a great dislike of cocky, over-confident people. Hidoi absolutely couldn't stand copy-cats; people who saw what you could do and then ripped off your thing and tried to turn it into their thing. It was one of the things that would set off his explosive temper. Hidoi didn't like unnecessary drama, and did his best to avoid such because of his terrible temper; even the slightest of provocations could set him off.

History: Born as the 3rd child of 2 powerful but peaceful Air Nomads, Hidoi, unlike his siblings, has shown a strong affinity for controlling currents of air. From a very young age, Hidoi showed dislike at following along with the traditional customs of the Nomads, instead deciding to follow his own path. But like his parents and siblings, Hidoi was a free spirit who disliked unnecessary violence, though his bad temper would often get him into trouble.

It was unnecessary violence that caused his family to move to Chokujou City in the first place, a floating metropolis that was always on the move. His parents once had a long standing rivalry with members of the Fire Nation, as his father once competed with the affections of his mother with a young hotheaded Fire Bender. Of course, his father won his mother's hand in the end, but this did not sit well with the Fire Bender, and through devious machinations he orchestrated the kidnapping of Hidoi's mother.

His father mounted a rescue attempt that was successful, and a fight occurred which ended with the humiliation of the Fire Bender. The fight would have ended much worse, but because of the peaceful nature of the Air Nomads, his father wasn't one to “kick someone while they were down,” so to speak. To prevent the backlash of such a humiliation from spilling over into the Air Temple, Hidoi's parents chose to move to Chokujou City.

The couple wed and had 3 children, Hidoi being the 3rd and the youngest. His older sister and brother both showed great prowess in Air Bending, but Hidoi was in a different league altogether. At only 14 he looked to surpass his own father, once renown as one of the most powerful of the Air Nomads, but when angered, Hidoi was known to over-react. This is how he got his very name, Hidoi Hariken, the “Terrible Hurricane.”

He chose not to follow the teachings and customs of the Nomads and grow up his own way within the floating city of Chokujou, with his parent's blessings, and would everyday wonder where they would end up next.

RP Sample: He was already much faster than most kids his age. He quickly learned how to channel air into his movement, giving him access to tremendous, blinding speed. Hidoi could traverse the entire city, from one end to the next, in several short seconds, so fast that ordinary eyes couldn't keep track of him. He would just resemble a black and brown blur. Even his father was having trouble keeping up with the child now, and he looked to only become faster...

Faceclaim: Sionn, Zero Chan

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