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 Jisan of the green flame

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PostSubject: Jisan of the green flame   Jisan of the green flame Icon_minitimeThu Oct 24, 2013 7:10 pm

Jisan of the green flame Princely_by_centi

The Basics!
   Name: Jisan Jurei
   Birthday: October 24
   Age: 21
   Gender: Male
   Element: Fire (Though it naturaly is green isntead of red)

   Height: 5 feet 10 inches
   Weight: 145 pounds
   Hair Color: Blond
   Hair Length: Almost shoulder length
   Eye Color: Very brigh, vibrant green
   Skin Color: White (Caucasian)
   Body Type: Athletic. His body is muscular but rather than in a bulky way, in a slim agile way.

About You!

Jisan has been raised since his birth by airbender monks. Hours of daily meditation since he was a very small child have given him much understanding of himself, and of emotions. After much painstaking effort, Jisan has for the most part detached himself from anger and wrath. He feels they are inferior emotions. Anger leads to hate, cruelty, and destruction. Most firebenders are trained to harness it as their drive to create their flames. But this is simply a terrible idea. Using anger as fuel leads to perhaps more power in terms of an adrenaline rush, but takes away logic and other far more useful skills and emotions. In short, anger and fury are useless emotions. After years of meditation, Jisan very rarely actually feels angry, typically the worse you will get him to is irritation. That is it for the most part.

Jisan has learned a great respect for all life and knows in his heart that all living things are special and sacred, from the irritating fly to the frightening saber toothed moose lion. All things deserve respect. One should never take a life unless it is required, a true need, to save ones life, or to save another’s. It might seem like this belief makes Jisan a pacifist. However, this is not the truth. Jisan understands that one can not make a difference in the world if one will not protect themselves. Learning to defend yourself and others is necessary, but one should only take a life if in a dire situation. In addition, unlike the air bender monks, Jisan is not a vegitarian. He enjoys meat, eggs, milk, and other such foods. Though all life deserves respect, all life is part of a great cycle that keeps the earth moving. Humans are predatory, and are a great predator. And they are designed thus. It is part of their role in nature that they devour other beings. Even the predators and hunters are necessary for the earth to maintain balance. Without predators, the prey would grow far too numerous, and would devour all the plants, then die when there was no more left to eat.

When one does eat of another creature, however, they should do it with respect. The animal should be killed as humanely as possible. In addition, use all you can, but nothing in nature is wasted. If one kills a deer, and fails to eat it all, or be able to use even most of it, the other animals will. And by having food to eat, the predators will not take another life, as one has already been shed to sustain them.  Jisan, after all his training and meditation, has true knowledge of what fire is. Many who gain some understanding perhaps fear fire, or feel cursed to control it. But fire is not destruction, it is life. Consider the forest fire. True, much destruction occurs. But when it is over, the ground is filled with nutrients, and new life grows rapidly. Even animals killed nourish the ground, and so the cycle is complete. Fire is a force of life. It prevents stagnation, which damages the cycle of life, by giving such areas a chance to be reborn from the ashes. Fire is the renewal of life. Jisan believes that love is the only pure emotion, and it is something he thinks all people should embody. From love comes forth trust, forgiveness, compassion, charity, and acceptance. These are all things love spawns, and are the things all people should strive to embody.

Jisan might sound like a stuffy or goody-goody monk type, but he is not at all emotionless or stuffy. In fact, Jisan is kind, compassionate, understanding, and outgoing. He likes to talk to people, and believes that one should enjoy their lives so long as it doesn’t cause others pain or suffering. Your right to throw a punch ends at the beginning of my nose after all. He is willing to try anything not against his morals. For example, he was once, at the age of 15, challenged to eat a cricket. He did, and has found he quite likes them, especially in chocolate or some such. It loves all things, and sees beauty in the world. In addition, Jisan is as stubborn as a bull, and not easily moved from his morals. Trying to convince him to go against his morals is like pushing a huge boulder up a steep mountain without any aids such as bending, ropes, or other trickery.


Jisan has many likes. He loves nature, and will often just sit and rest while watching a stream or birds in the trees. Jisan loves kidss, and readily plays with them and entertains them. They are the future of humanity, and if we are to build a better tomorrow, we must start with our children. Jisan also loves animals of all kinds, and will be as kind as he can be to them. Jisan has no favorite color, but rather a tie between green and blue. His favorite food is chocolate covered grasshoppers, though he enjoys them cooked over a fire as well.


Jisan hates mean-spirited cruelty, and if there is one thing remaining that can make him angry, it is excessive cruelty. All things deserve respect, and he has a hard problem watching someone been needlessly cruel for their own enjoyment. It does not matter in what form, to other people, or to animals. Jisan has no color he dislikes. In addition, his least favorite food is a tie between cooked spinach and worms. (another food he was asked to try.) He is also somewhat iritated by loud noises, and his least favorite sound is styrofoam rubbing up against more Styrofoam.


Jisan’s parents were traveling merchants. On their road, they were ambushed and robbed of all their goods, and badly hurt, the bandits were fire benders. An air bender saw them crawling on the road and, using his sky bison, took them to the temple. His mother gave birth to him there, and quickly died from her injuries. Only the air bending monks aid had kept her alive long enough to give birth to him. Less than 3 hours after they arrived. His father, being a fire bender, but never trained or learning even how to do more than shoot hot air, feared for his son. His last words before he joined his wife was to ask that in the even he was a fire bender, they teach him as an air bender, hoping that spiritualism might prevent him from becoming like those bandits. Within a minute after saying this, he lapsed into a coma, and died the next day, never waking.

Without ever having been given a name, the monks named him. He was raised, as his father requested, as an air nomad, instead of being returned to the fire nation. Jisan was raised meditating, in the quiet environment of the temple. Even when he revealed he was a fire bender, he was not allowed training, but rather intense meditation and physical exercise, honing his body in mind. His routine was breakfast, a series of slow stretches, meditation until noon, lunch, physical exercise and more long stretches, then meditation until evening, followed by dinner, more meditation, and stretching before sleeping until sunrise. This was his routine until he reached about the age of 15. Only himself and the monks even knew he was a bender.

As a tenager the routine grew more vigorous, the exercise more demanding, with long talks about ethics, and keeping the quiet meditation, often fasting for a few days. His body grew lean and agile, and his mind expanded. At the age of 19 year old, he left the temple by himself for some solitude, exploring the back forests, mountains, and lakes of the great floating island. It was there that he acquired his true love for nature. He observed the animals, and hunted for food, and made his own life for several months, surviving alone with what nature gave him. Nature took good care of him. Jisan returned to the temple, and spent another year and a half with them. Now, on the evening of his birthday, Jisan set out, to visit the other temples, and the other cities, ready to learn and do good in the world.

   RP Sample: I have another character on this forum, Umi Hakumei.  Here  is her character sheet, and here is a sample of my roleplaying thus far on this forum. If needed I will write a separate one. However somehow my perfect personality, likes, dislikes, etc. was deleted, and after rewriting it, I lack the motivation for an RP sample right now. If however you wish it, or prefer it, I will do so.

   Faceclaim: The image used was created by “Centi” of deviant art.com, and I do not claim ownership.

[Note: My character hails from the air temple, as per his history, and has never been to the fire nation. If possible, I would prefer that color. Houjin said in chat that the staff would use their native nations color, but their elements symbol. Houjin also said this rp sample was acceptable, unless I strongly misunderstood. The flame color as well o.o]
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Jisan of the green flame
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