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 Jisan's Stuff

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Sensa / Dragon Hound

Name: Sensa
Type: Mount / Non Combat

Jisan's  Stuff EditedPrithvi2

The dragon hound is a member of a rather unique species, a relative of the giant eel hound. Unlike it’s cousin, the giant eel hound, the so called “dragon hound,” named for it’s whiskers, horns, and reptilian body, is only about the size of a large horse, making it much smaller. This proves to be ideal as it makes it’s home in the jungle. The dragon hound has traded the size of it’s cousin for far more agility, having lightning quick reflexes of a similar manner to the mongoose dragon, it is able to evade attacks, even with a rider. It retains high speeds, and unlike it’s far larger cousin, is able to tolerate a higher range in temperatures. Oddly enough, it’s whiskers, eyes, mouth, horns, and the end of it’s tail are bioluminescent. It runs about the same rate as a fast horse, and can swim at nearly the same speed. However, unlike the giant eel hound, the dragon hound is only able to bear a single person and maintain much speed, owning to it’s much smaller size. The tail is roughly 5 feet long. Shorter in proportion than the image indicates.




Enhanced Olfactory Perception:

Regenerative powers:


  • Dragon hounds are about the size of a large horse.
  • Dragon hounds run at about the speed of a fast horse.
  • Dragon hounds can only carry a single rider and maintain those speeds.
  • Dragon hounds slow down when carrying multiple people.
  • Dragon hounds have bioluminescent horns, eyes, whiskers, mouths, and the ends of their tails.
  • Dragon hounds are about the size of a large horse, with a 5 foot long tail.
  • Dragon hounds have very quick reflexes.
  • Dragon hounds have electroreception.
  • Dragon hounds have thermo reception.
  • Dragon hounds have a sense of smell equaling a canines.
  • Dragon hounds have regenerative abilities.

Jisan's Weapons

Name: Flame Spear

Type: Spear, using as a freebie instead of a tanto / Dao sword


Jisan's  Stuff Img-thing?

This spear is crafted from very high quality wood from trees that grow very slowly, meaning the wood is very hard and durable, and has been stained black. The wood is covered in a fire-retardant lacquer for maintaining his spear in any altercations while bending. It has a metal spike on one end, and the blade on another. Both forged from high quality metals, helping it hold tp to the intense heat a firebender can bring to bear. Being raised entirely by airbending monks, Jisan has become very acquainted with staff like weapons, and as such, this spear was forged for him as a going away gift by the monks. The spike on the bottom is about two inches long. the blade on the other end is just over a foot long. with the wooden grip it matches height at 5 feet 10 inches, including all parts.

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Jisan's Stuff
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