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 Escort the goods (Tatsu)

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PostSubject: Escort the goods (Tatsu)   Tue Oct 15, 2013 9:44 pm

Tatsu stood on by the city entrance. The boy wore a white robe and black pants that were a bit wide in the length of his leg to allow him to move more freely. Of course he also had a metal chain necklace that hung from his neck and fell at the center of his chest, the symbol of the air element being at the end of the chain. Tatsu put a hand over his forehead to shield his eyes from the beating sun and looked out to a flying ship that began to unload a large cart full of supplies, there were many miscellaneous items were stored in the cart such as fabrics and fruits and other goods. Tatsu was here today because he had taken up an escorting job to earn a bit of cash, all he had to do was escort the cart to the market district without any problems. Not long after a middle aged man with a large mustache came walking up pulling the cart along with him. "You must be the body guard" the man assumed as he inspected Tatsu carefully. Distrust was evident in the mans demeanor, but who could blame him? He had every right to be distrustful for many a time he had been robbed whilst taking goods to far lands, and he was fed up. This was the reason for hiring Tatsu in the first place.

"I have a few rules before we set off" The man said as he crossed his arms. Tatsu nodded and began to listen curious as to what these rules would be. "One, you must stay in front of me and in my line of sight at all times! If not you wont get a single coin" he exclaimed. Tatsu took a bit of shock to this, it had hardly seemed like a valid rule, but what choice did he have? Giving a small sigh he agreed and waited for the next rule. "Next you must hand over any weapons you've got on you" he stated. This was getting ridiculous , without his glider staff his bending would not be as effective, which was more of a drawback. Giving a slight grunt he handed over his glider staff and the man placed it in to the cart. "You will have it back once im done un packing the goods." he informed the boy who was beginning to grow ever more annoyed at these unfathomable rules.

"Thats about it im ready to head off" he said as he looked Tatsu in the eye waiting for the young air bender to lead him to the market district. Tatsu turned on his heels and began to walk, keping a vigil watch around the city checking left right and on top of roofs for surprise attacks. to Tatsu's surprise they had managed to attract little attention as they were half way there, it had seemed a bit fishy. "Gaaahh" the man hollered from behind, Tatssu turned around quickly to see that a man wielding a large hammer running towards the cart from behind. Tatsu sighed, this was just as he suspected, being in the front had led from an attack from behind, nevertheless Tatsu would take care of this raider. Tatsu jumped into the air preforming a long arching back flip landing between the cart and the large muscular man who was quickly approaching, hammer in hand and ready to demolish the boy who stood in his way. As he landed Tatsu began to hop forward sending to round house kicks with each leg while air born, this caused two arcs of wind to be launched at the man, imminently slowing him down, "You keep going ill take care of this guy, you just get to the stalls"  The man was surprised but listened to the boy and began to head to the stalls pulling the cart as fast as he would manage. Meanwhile with the fight Tatsu used his superior speed to overwhelm the large man, and knock him off balance. This was the main strategy of the air benders, to use the opponents might against them and disable them to a point to where they could no longer pose a threat.  

After the show down Tatsu quically made his way to the stall where the man was suppose to be escorted. You could tell Tatsu was some what beaten but he had succeeded in taking out the thief, he also was relieved to see the man had gotten to the stall and unloaded all the goods safely. Tatsu began to walk towards the man but fell on to one knee coughing. "Boy!" the man said concerned. He jogged over to the boy and leaned down to see if he was okay. "Im alright im alright" he said out of breath. After he regained himself the man had thanked the boy and apologized for the distrust, Tatsu had proved himself to the man who trusted nobody. Tatsu wished the man best of luck on his ventures and headed home. Next time though Tatsu would not give in to stupid rules.

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Escort the goods (Tatsu)
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